Exchange rules

In addition to the User Agreement and AML&KYC, we have the Rules under which, in order to perform a p2p exchange operation:

  1. Go to the home page
  2. Select a direction in the “Exchange” block (mark the payment system with which payment will be made) and indicate the amount to exchange.
  3. Select the direction “Receive” (mark the payment system for which payment will be made) and check the amount to be received, taking into account the commission. If necessary, you can change the amount due, after which the amount of payment will automatically change.
  4. Click on the “Exchange” button.
  5. Indicate the details of the payment systems between which the exchange will be made and check the amounts taking into account commissions.
  6. Click on the "Exchange" button.
  7. IMPORTANT! Courses on the site are constantly updated. If the payment is not made immediately, the payout is made at the exchange rate at the time the payment is received. The service reserves the right to payout at the current rate or return funds to the User minus payment system commissions. When exchanging a cryptocurrency, payment is considered succesful after receive a 2nd confirmation in the corresponding crypto network. Exchange takes place automatically. In the event that since the beginning of the exchange and fixing the exchange rate, the exchange rate has changed by more than 10%, you can apply for a refund through a reverse exchange. In this case, we will refund the amount of your payment minus payment system fees.
  8. IMPORTANT! After payment confirmation, out is made at the details specified in the order for the exchange within 1-15 minutes. In rare cases, delays of up to 24 hours are possible for technical reasons.
  9. IMPORTANT! Cryptocurrency payments are subject to AML verification, more details in clause 6 AML&KYC.
  10. Upon completion of the exchange, the Service sends an email to your e-mail (if it was indicated) with a report on the operation.
  11. When payment is made from cryptocurrency (for example, Bitcoin, Tether USD, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin), orders can be in the “Awaiting confirmation” state for a long time, since they are executed only after 2 confirmations appear in the corresponding cryptocurrency network. Our Service can not affect the speed of transaction processing, since it depends on the load on the crypto network and the amount of commission paid by you.
  12. In case of high workload or in case of various technical problems in the crypto networks (Bitcoin, Tether USD, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin), delays in the delivery of cryptocurrencies may be possible for reasons beyond the Service's control, up to 48 hours.
  13. Orders for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, the amount of payment for which does not exceed the size of the commission recommended by the Service, are not subject to exchange or return.
  14. If your application for a cryptocurrency exchange has not received a payment within 12 hours, please contact our technical support. In the absence of such treatment after a day, the Service reserves the right to refuse to carry out the exchange.
  15. Any operations may be suspended by the administrator of the Service for additional checks by Payment systems, Banks, etc. The regular creation of unpaid applications is considered harmful activity, as a result of which your access to the services provided may be blocked or limited without explanation.
  16. The service may request additional data to verify the identity or accounts used.
  17. IMPORTANT! Accounts in payment systems, crypto networks, bank cards and other exchange details should belong only to the client! Payments in favor of 3-rd persons are prohibited and the Service is not responsible for them.
  18. IMPORTANT! We do not publish or give our accounts to receive payment on applications in social networks, instant messengers, forums and other resources! All exchanges are carried out only on the site or through Telegram-bot @topcashmebot in automatic mode. Do not fall for the tricks of fraudsters and in case of any suspicions, contact the support of the Service.
  19. Our service works automatically 24/7
Responsibly approaching transactions through the Internet, developing minimal skills for ensuring online security are the main elements of modern financial literacy, which should be followed by all Internet users.

Anton Mordvintsev – Forbes Contributor

Schedule of online exchanger operators

Mon - Fri: from 9:00 to 22:00 (GMT + 3)

Sat - Sun and holidays: free schedule, order are processed as they become available.

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